2016 Pilgrimage & Meditation Tour – Tracing the Buddha’s footsteps in India

 In Appreciation, Pilgrimage

The 15 days and 13 nights Pilgrimage tour was led by Geshela Lobsang Yonten – Tibetan Buddhist Centre’s resident teacher since 2015.

Closed to 30 pilgrims from Singapore and Malaysia joined us as we traced the footsteps that Lord Buddha once took to spread the Buddhadharma that had changed the lives of so many ever since.
According to a commentary to the Vinaya Sutra known as ‘Lung-Treng-Tik’ in Tibetan by the First Dalai Lama (1392-1474), the Buddha is said to have emphasised several times the importance of pilgrimage.

“Bhikkhus, after my passing away, all sons and daughters who are of good family and are faithful should as long as they live, go to the four holy places and remember: Here at Lumbini, the enlightened one was born; here at Bodh Gaya he attained enlightenment, here at Sarnath he turned the wheel of Dharma; and there at Kusinara he entered Parinirvana. Bhikkhus, after my passing away there will be activities such as circumambulation of these places and reverence to them. Thus it should be told to them for they, who have faith in my deeds and awareness of their own, will travel to higher states. After my passing away, the new Bhikkhus who come and ask of the doctrine should be told of these four places and advised that a pilgrimage to them will help purify their previously accumulated Karmas or actions.”

Throughout the pilgrimage tour, our pilgrims delight in various virtuous activities from offering Danas to the Sangha community, offering robes to Sakyamuni Buddha in MahaBodhi Temple at Bodhgaya, two-days meditation guided by Geshela under the Bodhi Tree, fish liberation and and feeding the seagulls at Ganges River, donations to the less fortunate and homeless people whom we have came across. To be in a perfect condition to give and practise generosity is a privilege and a blessing. Let us never regress and continue to progress in our dharma learning together.

As we return to our daily activities, let’s hold close the magnificent teaching we have received in the land where the Buddha’s teaching once flourished and and was taught by the Buddha more than 2,500 years ago.

“He who sees the Dharma sees the Buddha’.

We are truly blessed to have Geshela Yonten with us to provide close to 2-week long of daily invaluable teachings, guidance and advice. Thank you Geshela.
Thank you Norzom and all virtuous friends for generously sharing and taking photos together and taking care of each other throughout the pilgrimage. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone of you for collectively making this pilgrimage a meaningful success.

To find out more on our next upcoming activities, classes and pilgrimage tour, follow us on Facebook or simply drop us a message via email or phone at your convenience.

Wishing all good health, success and happiness.


Many of the Pilgrims have shared their thoughts and feedback with us on their experience – and we share them with you here.


It covers almost all the holy places where Buddha planted the seed..where other group could not have done..We have an enlightening Geshela…where his explanation is very clear even lay man could easily understand ….it would even be much better if we stay a few days at the monastery…
Thanks Jinpa for organising this pilgrimage…

– Don

First of all, I would like to say a big thank you. As this is my very first pilgrimage trip, it has been very fullfilling and enlightening trip. Not only the trip is combined with fun filled talks, the tour guide (Raja) and tour leader(Jinpa) have explained explicitly  and enhanced our understanding, further strengthening our understanding better towards buddha dharma learnings. Furthermore, the trip is further enhanced with Geshela sharing on the dharma teachings which even escalate our analysis further with better understanding, deepening our faith towards buddha teachings. Though it may not be too perfect, at least for me it has been well received in terms of overall – accommodation and food wise in the hotel. The basic needs is well taken care of. Thanks to all the drivers, posters etc. Without them, our journey could not have been smooth either. From the bottom of my heart, thanks once again to TBC for organising such trip, Geshela Jinpa, Raja, drivers etc.. Well done. 

– Edward Lim


It is incredibly meaningful and valuable experience and i hope others can also benefit from this 

– Norzom


There is a Geshela who accompanied us to guide  in prayers & dharma classes to make it a meaningful pilgrimage.  Every details( food, lodgings, prayer items etc)  taken care of. Inspired, have greater faith, better understanding  to continue with my dharma practice

– Teo Siew Hong


Adds meaning to one’s faith, plant seeds/imprints to one’s mind, to journey the footsteps of Buddha and taking in the wonders of an enlightened being personally.

– Pauline Ng


Is spiritual fulfillment and benefits to anyone that wants to understand more about How to become a better Buddhist. Teachings from Geshela make it clearer and understand more about Dharma

– Alice Lim (been on pilgrimage twice)


It is well organized. Suitable for beginners, also there is a Guru leading the pilgrimage. It helps to reinforce my faith in the path to enlightenment.

– Anna Lim (been on pilgrimage twice)


I see & realise the suffering of sentient beings most in places visited. Feel good just looking at Buddha’s statue, especially in Bodhgaya. I think this will help me in mediation using 观想 佛陀. More historical info on the places visited. Allow more time for teachings.

– Bali


Everyone should know the Path To Buddha’s life, how his compassion heart have gift us today. It’s lively & challenge to us to pitch everyday. 

– Sam


Received precious teaching and sharing from Geshela and we were very well taken care off by Jinpa and Lay Beng. It is very fun with full of jokes and the group also took care of each other. I will definitely join their future SEA teaching and other retreats. Once again zillions thanks to Jinpa.

– Jocelyn Lee


Well organized trip, from itinerary, hotel, food to Geshela’s teaching. There are some really difficult locations which the driver had challengers finding, but Jinpa did not give up. Jinpa has been most helpful, his effort ensured everything went well during the trip is very much appreciated. Geshela’s teaching was clear and concise. Various analogies used were very useful in aiding our understanding.  He was accessible, attentive and patience. I have cleared a lot of my doubts on my practice with the guidance of Geshela. Thank you Geshela! 

– Sieu Bong Loh


And many more….

The pilgrimage tour was well organised and i did not experience much hardship as compared to my previous trip. Also I visited more holy places that I have not been before. Thank you Geshela for your teaching and thanks to Jinpa for your effort in making this trip comfortable and I benefited immensely.

1) a big thank you to Geshela for the inspiring teachings & exercise tips on keeping healthy. It is the right place & right time to re-emphasize & realize the first noble truths. “He who sees the dharma sees the Buddha”.
2) thank you to Jinpa & team from TBC for an adventurous & wonderful trip. You made possible my wishes on visiting the holy places
3) it is so nice to see so many young Buddhists in the trip , it’s indeed inspiring & encouraging
4) thank you everyone for sharing the food, the fun & the energy we have together

感激之情。很开心,感觉很高兴和激动。已充实之旅。感谢佛法分享和许多趣味会谈前进的道路。 是的让我们继续进步我们的佛法知识,与我们所爱的人分享。阿弥陀佛.



是的很开心. Thanks again.








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