Start the new year by walking the Buddha’s path

In the Parinibbana Sutta, Lord Buddha said: “Monks, after my passing away, if all the sons and daughters of good family and the faithful, so long as they live, go to the four holy places, they should go and remember: here at Lumbini the enlightened one was born; here at Bodhgaya he attained enlightenment; here at Sarnath he turned twelve wheels of Dharma; and here at Kushinagar he entered parinirvana…Thus it should be told, for they who have faith in my deeds and awareness of their own will travel to higher states…After my passing away, the new….who come and ask of the doctrine should be told of these four places and advised that a pilgrimage to them will help purify their previously accumulated negative karmas, even the five heinous actions.”

Of the many places in northern India associated with the Buddha, these eight in particular have become special objects of pilgrimage: the four great places above, and four others, namely, RajgirShravastiSankashya and Nalanda, each of which is regarded as having been blessed by the Buddha.



Dates: 3–14 January 2020
Cost: $2700 (Inclusive of Nepal visa and tips to local guides & drivers)
Deposit: 50% deposit required upon registration
Registration Deadline: When we reach full capacity, or by 20 October

Please register by emailing

Hear From Past Participants

“It’s awesome to visit the very places where Buddha Shakyamuni made his mark, for instance, to visit his birth place, walk around the same trodden grounds where he taught, even meditate under the Bodhi tree in Bodhgaya where he attained enlightenment.

The journey by road can be arduous at times but who has known anyone to have attained enlightenment without difficulties or obstacles along the path?

This is a journey to be undertaken by all who wish to follow the Buddha’s path, a journey of prayer, quiet study and reflection at each of these holy stops. It was a joyful perseverance for me – I am deeply grateful to Geshe Yonten for providing spiritual guidance, and for the warm and supportive company of TBC fellow pilgrims, all of whom travel the common path of cultivating Bodhicitta and the Wisdom of Emptiness. “—Lian Choo


“<< Walking the Buddha path >> organized by Tibetan Buddhist Centre was one of the most rejoiceful pilgrimage trip I had ever been to. Every pilgrimage trip we embarked on is blessed. As the saying goes “因缘不具足,难行也”.
It was nothing short of amazing. His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama was at Varanasi giving teachings and it was a double blessing to be able to attend. We went to many of Vulture’s Peak ( where Buddha gave his first teachings to his 5 disciples) , the Holy Ganges River (where we took an exciting and unforgettable boat ride in the wee hours of the morning, liberation of fishes and witnessed many holy rituals performed), Ruins of Nalanda (where our experienced tour guide explained vividly the rich History behind the ruins) , Guru Rinpoche’s Cave, Lumbini Garden (where our dearest Geshe Yonten-la gave teachings and taught us meditation. I was tearing with joy as I meditated. And many many more exciting places.
The most memorable location was Bodhgaya, Mahabodhi Temple, where Buddha got enlightened under The Bodhi Tree. The blissful energy of the place was overwhelming. As I walked towards the main gate of the temple, for the first time of my life, I had a “Deja Vu”. It was so surreal I actually stopped dead on my track. I had a DREAM about coming here before! I recognized the Unique structure outside the temple (Circle Wind – Junkyu Muto) and the precise angle I was looking at it in the dream. I was dumbfounded. It must have been one of my past life that I been here.
Every Buddhist should make this Pilgrimage trip at least once this lifetime. Rejoice 🙏🏼”—Marquis

“To be able to walk the grounds and visit the monumental sites that the Buddha did 2,600 years ago…is an indescribable & euphoric experience for me!”—Kwan Kit

“TBC very kindly included many holy sites of the Buddha’s life journey to inspire us and to encourage us to follow the Buddha’s path. I encourage anyone who hasn’t gone on a pilgrimage before to embark on one with TBC. Geshe Yonten-la and Wee Nee were very detailed in their sharing with us when on the tour bus as well.”—Jay Goh

团队、司机、导游、TBC举办委员和义工们,都发挥了专业互助团队合作精神。随喜,同行善友”—Mui Chuan

“It’s such a wonderful trip. Go so many holy places, do prayers/meditations led by our Res. Geshela Yonten. Went collect sands at Ganges river too. The hotels were luxurious & food was good. Didn’t expect these as we were supposed to be on pilgrimage. On the whole, it’s really a time & money well spent.”—Angeline Lim

“We have enjoyed and benefited from the trip throughout. Each pit-stop was well planned, including accommodations, meals, meaning of each holy site and especially with our spiritual master Geshe Yonten and TBC leading the tour.”—Yangzom

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