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As The Buddha put it this way: “Only when it agrees with your experience and reason, and when it is conducive to the good and gain of oneself and all others, then one should accept the teachings, and live up to them”.
– from the Kalama Sutra –


Fellow students of the Dharma:

In Tibetan Buddhist Centre, with the guidance of Spiritual Advisor Geshe Yonten, our dharma program offers a holistic course of study which covers philosophy (buddhist tenets), collected topics (Dudra), Lam Rim, meditation, and rituals.


We can think of the Tibetan Buddhist educational system with three branches: Basis, Path, and Fruition. These are stages, but we have to understand and work with all stages skillfully in order to make the most progress. If we understand the three branches, we will be able to benefit more quickly from the set of classes taught.


(1) Basis – The basis is that the presence of Buddhanature in the minds of all sentient beings. In order to explain how Buddhanature exists, Geshe Yonten will lead us through the most basic level of Tibetan Buddhist philosophy. To do this, we will study a set of ideas and texts called The Collected Topics, also known as Dudra. We often talk about “the self” and “the world” in ways that are basically incorrect. Why are these views incorrect? To understand this, we have the opportunity to study the nature of “phenomena.” What is the meaning of words like “permanent” and “impermanent”? What is meant by the word “object” in buddhist teachings? (There are three main categories: Matter, Consciousness and Non-associated formations). An understanding of “Basis” prepares the way for an understanding of The Path.


(2) The Path – When we study the Lam Rim, we are studying the graded path to Buddhahood. The purpose of The Path is to remove gross obscurations and gradually to refine realization and purify ourselves of more subtle stains. The Path is the journey from “here” to Buddhahood, and progress on The Path depends on moving from a conceptual understanding (as clarified by Dudra) and then the clarification of direct experience of Buddhanature. This will be taught through Lam Rim classes on Saturday


(3) Fruition – It is important for student to first gain knowledge of the Buddhist View, then develop a firm conviction of the validity of this view, after which one practices meditation. Through the practice of meditation one comes to realize the true nature of mind. In order to reach enlightenment, one must practice meditation. This will be taught through Meditation class on Friday.


Weekly Class Schedule Summary:

Tuesday –        The Tenet System
Wednesday –   Prayers & Protector Puja
Thursday –       Introductory Buddhists Topics plus Dudra
Friday –           Meditation Class
Saturday –       Lam Rim Class
Sunday –          Yoga for Healing




We also have a monthly calendar that is, in line with Tibetan tradition, arranged around days felt to be especially auspicious. Please note that these practices must fit in with Singapore’s national calendar and other possible interruptions. Class schedule might change on months where we have local or overseas events such as Monlam, SEA Teachings, Off site retreats etc. Please check with our published schedule, or check with us via our contact us form, to confirm that TBC will be open for these practices:









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