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Donation can be made by the following modes:
  • To make an online donation using your Credit/Debit card, fill in your particulars in the form below and then proceed to the online payment page. Only Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

    *While making an online donation, do not close or refresh your browser or click the Back button as it will interrupt the transaction.

  • Cross Cheque to ‘Tibetan Buddhist Centre’ and mail to 281 Jalan Besar Singapore 208944
  • Direct to Tibetan Buddhist Centre’s United Overseas Bank Account 387-301-013-2

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General Donation to Tibetan Buddhist Centre
Sangha Offerings
(Offerings to monks)
Centre Maintenance Funds
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Dharma Propagation Activities SGD
General Donation SGD
Others (please indicate the item(s) you wish to contribute) SGD
Light Offerings to Gompa
Oil Lamp Offering x 2 Weeks (SGD38)

[Quantity of 3 means for 6 continuous weeks]

Oil Lamp Offering x 1 Year (SGD888)

[Quantity of 3 means for 3 continuous years]

Small Butter Lamp (SGD2)
Lotus Light x 7 days (SGD14)
$1 Daily Puja X 1 Month (SGD 30)

[Quantity of 3 means for 3 continuous months]

Sponsorship of Buddha Statue
All Buddha sponsorship fixed at SGD188 / statue / year
Amitayus Buddha
Medicine Buddha
Manjushri Bodhisattva
Zambala Bodhisattva
Tara Bodhisattva
4-Armed Chenrezig
Sponsorship of His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama's annual Asia Teaching
Offering Dana to Sangha during Teaching SGD
Lunch/Tea/Bread offering for Sangha, Participants, and Public SGD
Printing of Dharma Texts & Materials SGD
Sponsorship of Traditional Chinese Medicine Physicians to provide Free Medical treatments to the locals SGD
General Donation SGD
Payment mode Credit/Debit Card Cheque ATM/Internet Banking
*All donations are not tax deductible