Kasih Sayang ‘Gift of Love’ Community Fridge Project

Affectionately named Kasih Sayang, the Kasih Sayang ‘Gift of Love’ project is an initiative established by Kampong Kapor Family Service Centre. Their aims are to create a community-driven and self-sustainable community where the needy families under their umbrella of care could receive a steady flow of nutritious grocery on a daily basis.
The Kasih Sayang ‘Gift of Love’ Community Fridge is Tibetan Buddhist Centre adopted community project.

In December 2020, we collaborated with KKFSC to launch the opening of the community fridge stocked with fresh greens and fruits. This includes the launch of packed nutritious fishes sponsored by our partner Lian Huat Marketplace. Led by Max, Lian Huat dedicated a portion of the company’s profit to help fund and provide packed fishes on a regular basis to the families-in-need.  

At Tibetan Buddhist Centre, we hope to play our small role in connecting the donors and recipients closer, sharing love through the common language of food. Since the first fundraiser #BunitForward,  organised as a dedication to His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s 85th birthday celebration, we have continued to raise funds to bring fresh nutritious food more accessible to families in need. Now six months into the project, we are happy to give the following updates.

Our hearts are glad to see the project gain traction and benefitting the families in need. We know that we are only beginning to play our role to help address the issue of Food insecurity in Singapore. We will continue to pledge our support to Kampong Kapor Family Service Centre as they strive to provide the best, for the families under their care. And, minimizing the food gap, one step at a time.

If you would like to join our cause, there are many ways you could support! 100% of your donation will go towards providing safe and nutritious food to families typically composed of young children and the elderly. It will also alleviate their financial and mental stress, as it would help them to save on daily grocery bills.

Why Community Fridge project?

Meet Lynette Tham, Social Worker and Project Lead of ‘Gift of Love’ #CommunityFridge initiative. Watch as she share why having fresh food accessible to the families in need is important, and the support the community needs in sustaining this project.

Our donation call is ongoing, ALL donation received will be used to buy fresh produce to stock up the fridge.

Pls support our cause at: https://bit.ly/GOLcommunityfridge

On a side note, directly benefiting from your gift of donation, some of the residents have stepped up to volunteer to keep the fridge/fruits/vegetables clean for their neighbors to consume. Others have also shared recipes to encourage their neighbors to adopt a healthier eating habit. KKFSC is also sending the volunteers on courses to nurture their involvement and grow capabilities.
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