Dharma Teachings Schedule

3-5 July 2019

Once again!, His Eminence the Kundeling Tatsak Choktrul Rinpoche will be back in in Singapore to give the Buddhist community a series of teachings and Empowerment.  It is a honor of ours to be able to have the good conditions to have His Eminence the Kundeling Tatsak Choktrul Rinpoche in our presence. And we encourage you to join us as we collectively receive the valuable teachings from His Eminence in person. Simultaneous English and Mandarin Chinese translation will be available

Teaching / 講座

3-5 July 2019

The Two Truth/ 二諦

VENUE: Nanyang Pho Leng Hui Kuan / 南洋普宁会馆

26 Lorong 27A Geylang (4.05 km)
388115 Singapore

DATE: 3 – 5 July

TIME: 7:30pm- 9:00pm

Simultaneous English and Mandarin Chinese translation will be available / 法會附中英翻譯.

Empowerment / 加持灌顶法会

7 July 2019

Empowerment: White Manjushri Empowerment / 白文殊菩萨灌顶法会 

VENUE: Nanyang Pho Leng Hui Kuan / 南洋普宁会馆

26 Lorong 27A Geylang
388115 Singapore

DATE: 7 July

TIME: 2:00pm- 6:00pm

Simultaneous English and Mandarin Chinese translation will be available / 法會附中英翻譯.


More on His Eminence the Kundeling Tatsak Choktrul Rinpoche

His Eminence the Kundeling Tatsak Choktrul Rinpoche is an emanation of Manjusri(Jetsun-Jamphel-yang) who is popular and widely well known Lama in the countries such as Tibet, china and Mongolia.

The great lineage and reincarnation of Kundeling Rinpoche, started from Baso Chokyi Gyaltsen till the present Kundeling Rinpoche and their contribution towards the benefit of sentient being is well acknowledged and of universal fame.


Story of the 1st Kundeling Tatsak Choktrul Trichen

The first Kundeling Tatsak Choktrul Trichen – Baso Choekyi Gyaltsen, brother of Khedrup Rinpoche was one of best disciple of Je-Tsongkhapa who later got enthroned as Gaden Throne (Highest seat in Gelukpa Sect) for eleven years.


During the era of Great master Je-Tsongkhapa, His Eminence was bestowed with all the teaching by Je-Tsongkhapa to shoulder the responsibility of preserving and widening Buddhism.



Story of the 4th Re-incarnation of Kundeling Tatsak Rinpoche

The fourth reincarnation of Kundeling Tatsak Rinpoche, during the time of His Holiness the 3rd Dalai Lama, was enthrone as a main religious master of Chamdo Monastery. His eminence invited the then Dalai lama Gyalwa Sonam Gyaltso to Chamdo Monastery.  His eminence the fourth Kundeling Rinpoche was also Abbot of Donag-Dhargyal Ling Monastery of Japhu.  Out of the four great text on path to enlightenment(Lamrim), His eminence was the author of one eminent text called “Ba-so-chen”.



Story of the 5th Re-incarnation of Kundeling Tatsak Rinpoche


The 5th re-incarnation of Kundeling Rinpoche, happened during the time of His Holiness the 4th Dalai Lama. The Shopa-do monastery was founded and established. The 5th Kundeling Rinpoche also served as Abbot of Shopa-do monastery.  Rinpoche was also a religious and political leader to as many as seven thousand people, two thousand monks and thirty monasteries such as Japhu-Donag-Dhargyal-ling during the time.


Story of the 6th Re-incarnation of Kundeling Tatsak Rinpoche

The 6th Kundeling Tatsak Rinpoche travelled to Mongolia under the order of His Holiness the 5th great Dalai Lama and His Eminence stayed at Mongolia for seven years. As envoy of His Holiness the great fifth Dalai Lama, Rinpoche resolved the conflict at Mongol and further generated a treaty there. Highly impressed by his intellectuality and brave heartedness, the then emperor of china “khang-shei” invited His Eminence to china and gain the devotion of the masses.


Story of the 7th Re-incarnation of Kundeling Tatsak Rinpoche

The 7th Kundeling Tatsak Choktrul Rinpoche, during the time of His Holiness the 7th Dalai Lama, travelled to China under the warm invitation from The Chinese emperor and Chang-Gya-Raldor. There, His eminence worked perseveringly for the prevalence of Buddha-Dharma and he was also seated as the Abbot of Peking Gaden Jingjang ling or Hagung.


Story of the 8th Re-incarnation of Kundeling Tatsak Rinpoche

The 8th Kundeling Tatsak Choktrul Rinpoche, during the time of His Holiness the 8th Dalai Lama, travelled to Mongolia and stayed there for about ten years for the prevalence of Buddha-Dharma.

His Eminence shouldered the responsibility of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s regent for twenty years during the time till the 9th Dalai Lama was recognized and enthroned thereafter at the Potala Palace. His eminence dedicated all his efforts in the search and recognition of the reincarnation of 8th Dalai Lama, “His Holiness Gyalwa Lungtok Gyatso” and thereby committed with dedication towards the wholesome betterment of Ganden Podrang.


Story of the 9th Re-incarnation of Kundeling Tatsak Rinpoche


The 9th Kundeling Tatsak Choktrul Rinpoche, during the time of His Holiness the 10th Dalai Lama visited different places of Kham region and dedicated many years for the prevalence of Buddha Dharma and betterment of sentient being as a whole. His Eminence was also a teacher to His Holiness the 11th Dalai Lama and transferred all his teachings and blessing initiations received from former master-lineage to His Holiness. His eminence had contributed a lot towards prevalence and to preserve the pure teachings of Buddha.


Story of the 10th Re-incarnation of Kundeling Tatsak Rinpoche


The 10th Kundeling Tatsak Choktrul Rinpoche, during the time of 12th Dalai Lama, studied great five treaties of Buddhist philosophy and acclaimed Geshe Lharampa Degree(Doctorate Degree) at Drepung Gomang Buddhist University. His Eminence took the responsibilities of 12th Dalai Lama’s regent for 12 years until the 13th reincarnation of His Holiness the Dalai Lama was recognized and enthroned. He took great responsibility with utmost dedication in the process of search and recognition of 13th Dalai Lama.

His eminence later became senior teacher (Master) to 13th Dalai Lama. During the 12 years of shouldering responsibilities of 12th Dalai Lama’s regent, his eminence looked after the betterment of Tibetan people and internal affairs such as religious and political affairs with upmost dedication and commitment that no regent had done in the past.


Story of Today’s the 13th Re-incarnation of Kundeling Tatsak Rinpoche

The 13th Kundeling Tatsak Choktrul Rinpoche was born in Lhasa(Capital City of  Tibet) with many auspicious signs. After through and much precise test and prediction coupled with the prophesies of divine protector such a “Nechung-Choegyal” and “Lamo stangpa dongtoe”, the reincarnation of 12th Kundeling Tatsak Jedrung Rinpoche is recognized. With the hair offering ceremony, the name “Jetsun Tenzin Choekyi Gyaltsen Pal Sangpo” has been given to 13th Kundeling Rinpoche. With the prostration to his master/Teacher Jetsun Lobsang Tsultrim Palsangpo, His Eminence learnt Buddhist philosophy and attained Geshe Degree thereafter.

His Eminence studied Buddhist tantric and rituals at Gudmey Monastery located at Hunsur, South India. His eminence received many sacred teachings and empowerment initiations from His Holiness the great 14th Dalai Lama and many other highly revered Masters(Guru), thereby contributing tremendously towards the welfare and prevalence of Buddha Dharma.


As requested by the people, Kundeling Rinpoche has visited different places of eastern and western part of the world for the benefit of sentient being as whole and to impart the knowledge of pure essence of Buddha’s Teachings.


In brief, His Eminence the Kundeling Tatsak choktrul Rinpoche had been the Abbot of Great Chamdo monastery and had been religious and political leaders to as many as 40 different Monasteries. Rinpoche was enthroned as Gaden Tripa(Throne)and had been teacher to 11th and 13th Dalai Lama. Kundeling Rinpoche also took the responsibility to shoulder the regent of His Holiness the Dalai Lama twice. Thus, His eminence preceded with unmatched commitment and dedication for the prevalence and conservation of Buddha Dharma in countries such as Tibet, China and Mongolia. 






尊者 達察功德林仁波切簡介

第十三世尊者 達察功德林仁波切,出生於1983年,是由第十四世尊者 達賴喇嘛親自認證和主持升座,數年來不分教派廣尊者达察功德林仁波切簡介
第十三世尊者 達察功德林仁波切,出生於1983年,是由第十四世尊者 達賴喇嘛親自認證和主持升座,數年來不分教派廣聞顯密教法,長時修習三門清淨不放逸的言行威儀,戒香普聞。
仁波切第一世是宗喀巴大師直傳弟子,住持甘丹赤巴11年。第六世時,代表第五世 達賴喇嘛調解中國與蒙古之爭,又被迎請到皇宮、授給銀質官印及爵位。第七世時,修習白文殊面見本尊,並受中國乾隆皇帝隆重邀請,成為皇帝國師,又任北京雍和寺住持。第八世與十世時,是西藏攝政王共達32年。第九世與十世時,是第十一世與十三世 達賴喇嘛的親教師。
尊者 功德林—達察杰宗 仁波切歷代轉世略傳
第一世—蔣央藏巴七位傳承的第五位,是 宗喀巴大師的直傳弟子,亦名最勝八碩確吉嘉千,西元1402年出生於后藏拉堆強地區,是克主杰仁波切的胞弟,由於依止 宗喀巴大師和克主杰仁波切等而成為顯密一切教授之主人。
爾後誠如 文殊菩薩的授記般,在具證的蔣悲賈措尊前,菩提道次第、密集勝樂大威德三金剛之教授,特別是 文殊菩薩耳傳給 宗大師的圓滿教授的甚深無上瑜伽的教法,能於五濁惡世的一世之間成就雙運之道,一切無上秘密更秘密之道,皆圓滿聽聞,將甘丹耳傳大幻化之經卷的守護主付囑給他,藏巴八碩於山洞中修行,於心續中生起殊勝的實際證悟,於是八碩法主名稱普聞,文殊菩薩與金剛瑜伽母皆授記應往甘丹赤巴法座,特別是誠如 僧成大師所敦勵而住甘丹赤巴法座達11年之久,大轉法輪廣渡無量具緣有情,「班欽法王」之美譽普聞。
徒弟中證得雙運成就的金剛三兄弟之中,傳給大成就者確朵杰的有耳傳教授、大幻化經卷,又有諸多有關 時輪金剛、大威德的生起與圓滿教授、中觀見大教授、三精藏教授 等等之講經、著作。西元1473年以72歲圓寂。
第六世—昂旺滾秋滇悲尼瑪者,西元1653年出生於波窩瓦麗恰嘎地區,在第五世 達賴喇嘛座下受沙彌戒與比丘的圓滿大戒,於色拉杰寺院修習經論,並為大召法會的立宗者;代表第五世 達賴喇嘛遠赴內地調解中國與蒙古之戰爭,又令彼此和平相處,第五世 達賴喇嘛獎賞給他巴宿甘丹如願成就安樂林等等諸多寺院之主,以及住有數萬百姓之地。又數度前往中國與蒙古地區廣度有情,被迎請到皇宮、授給銀質官印及爵位等等讚揚之供養。講經著作方面,有《詩鏡》第二品之喻、大悲心教授記、寺院清規 等等。西元1703年以51歲圓寂。
第七世—洛桑悲滇嘉千者,西元1708年出生於青康藏的里窩齊地區,來到拉薩的果芒僧院修學經論,有一度來到鳩摩地區修習白文殊,由面見本尊,成為無礙智慧者;又先後從 班欽洛桑耶西 受得沙彌戒與比丘具足戒,及諸多甚深法要,班欽仁波切賜予他 能仁佛像、菩提道次第論、佩戴長頂尖帽等,謂付囑他廣弘教法。
又從第七世 達賴喇嘛-格桑嘉措 廣聞宗大師全集的圓滿口傳及諸多顯密教法,頗喇瓦國王亦來到康區廣為供養;中國的 乾隆皇帝隆重邀請,又如法王所殷重指派前往中國皇宮,成為皇帝的國師,北京雍和寺的住持,西元1758年以51歲圓寂。
第八世—洛桑耶西滇悲功波者,西元1760年出生於多堆波窩地區,十二歲時前往中國會見乾隆皇帝,章嘉汝悲多傑仁波切授給他沙彌戒,22歲時前往巴宿地區,23歲時來到拉薩的果芒僧院究竟圓滿經論的修學,從第八世 達賴喇嘛-蔣悲嘉措受比丘具足圓滿戒,在衛藏創立功德林寺,執掌西藏政權14年,攝政王6年,共有20年處於政權的寶座及政教二者,成果殊勝,講說著作有三大冊。西元1810年以51歲圓寂。
第九世—昂旺洛桑滇悲嘉千者,西元1811年出生於多康里窩齊附近,在哲蚌寺的果芒僧院圓滿修學經論獲得拉然巴格西第一名,又從 班欽滇悲尼瑪仁波切受得沙彌戒與比丘具足圓滿戒,於拉薩與康區廣利眾生,是第十一世 達賴喇嘛-克主嘉措的親教師,著有一大冊的全集;西元1854年以44歲圓寂。
第十世—昂旺悲滇確吉嘉千者,西元1855年出生於山南雅巄地區,在果芒僧院圓滿修學經論而獲得拉然巴格西第一名,第十二世 達賴喇嘛-欽烈嘉措圓寂之後,由於西藏地區大臣百姓一再祈請而攝政12年,又成為第十三世 達賴喇嘛的親教師及供養他沙彌戒。彼時,西藏地區由於天花傳染病嚴重流行,仁波切修持相換取捨法,因而上萬名小孩的傳染病癒,而有「達擦白天花神」之美稱;又於糧食物價突然高漲之際,乃取出所有法王辦公室倉庫的糧食布施以減低物價,在民間美譽普聞,由於這些,在諸多西藏攝政王之中,於政教的盡心盡力等等廣大事業,都記載在西藏歷代王朝的歷史中,最近的教學課本中亦有明說;著作有一大全集。西元1886年以32歲圓寂於布達拉宮。
拉然巴格西學位,於第十三世 達賴喇嘛-圖登嘉措 尊前受沙彌戒與比丘具足圓滿戒,廣聞諸多甚深教法,於拉薩與康區廣利有情;在其左右二三尋中,遍滿戒香;西元1918年以32歲收攝色身。
第十二世—洛桑圖登亟美嘉千者,西元1924年出生於聖地拉薩桑里地區,如顯現於拉姆拉措湖中,亦如諸護法神的預卜一般,由第十三世 達賴喇嘛觀察問卜而認證轉世,在尊者前受沙彌戒與比丘具足圓滿戒;於果芒僧院圓滿修學五大經論,於大召法會的辯經中贏得拉然巴格西第一名的學位,又從諸多大善知識聽聞無量顯密甚深法要,講說與修證雙重成就,於西元1952年應中國的要求,也是奉第十四世 達賴喇嘛之意旨,成為進貢團的團主之責,啟駕北京,毛澤東主席等高級官員皆前來迎接,回程路經康區的巴宿地區,廣傳教法利眾生,在山南哲巴山間傳白度母的長壽灌頂,崁在壁畫牆上的度母身上流出甘露,在石頭上留下清晰的腳印,至今依然可見。
第十三世—亦即現在的 吉祥杰尊 滇悲確吉嘉千,西元1983年藏曆12月8日出生,由第十四世 達賴喇嘛親自認證是前世的轉世,亦與諸護法神的預卜相符,1993年在第十四世 達賴喇嘛尊前受沙彌戒,同時舉行登位典禮,次年登上哲蚌寺的法座, 達賴喇嘛尊者親自蒞臨;迎請親教師大善知識拉然巴格西洛桑初替,從《攝類學》開始,所有聞思如流水般傾瀉而出,於教與理的最勝講說,一切如說教行,在哲蚌寺大殿、果芒僧院的即起對辯和大立宗等等皆依次參與,所有最勝講說理路者皆稱嘆有聲。
現在是博士班課程的修學,先後在尊者 達賴喇嘛、薩迦法王等處,依於不分教派的教法與有情的根本,修學諸多甚深與廣博教法,是一切所化有情最勝樂源。
仁波切第一世是宗喀巴大師直傳弟子,住持甘丹赤巴11年。第六世時,代表第五世 達賴喇嘛調解中國與蒙古之爭,又被迎請到皇宮、授給銀質官印及爵位。第七世時,修習白文殊面見本尊,並受中國乾隆皇帝隆重邀請,成為皇帝國師,又任北京雍和寺住持。第八世與十世時,是西藏攝政王共達20年。第九世與十世時,是第十一世與十三世 達賴喇嘛的親教師。

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