Guru Puja on Vesak Day

 In Puja

Date: 1 June 2015


Happy Vesak Day from all of us at Tibetan Buddhist Centre!

Before Buddha entered into Mahaparinirvana – his disciples asked the Buddha how to keep the Dharma forever. They discussed and chose Ananda to represent them to ask the Buddha:

“First, when Lord Buddha enter Nirvana, who shall be the master? Second, when Lord Buddha enter Nirvana, how shall we live? Third, when Lord Buddha enter Nirvana, how to treat evil people? Fourth when Lord Buddha enter Nirvana, how do we propagate the Teachings”

In his usual compassionate tone, Buddha replied, “Fellow bhikkhus! All of you must remember to take precepts as your master and take the Dharma (Truth) as your refuge, in this way you will ensure the continuance of the Dharma.”

After hearing Buddha’s words, everyone felt touched. Eventually Buddha entered Parinirvana quietly.



2 Vesak Day – the day the Prince Siddharta is born, the great conqueror Buddha Shakyamuni Buddha is enlightened, and the day the Buddha entered Parinirvana





Geshelas and devotees in ernest prayers






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