Information about the teaching – MUST READ

1) Registration and security pass collection

All participants registered with Tibetan Buddhist Centre (TBC) will receive a TBC security pass, which will allows you to be seated in the Dharma Gompa Hall. Participants without the TBC security pass will not be allowed to be seated in the Dharma Gompa Hall.

Collection of Security Pass

The security pass will only be issued to you on Sunday
(6th September 2015)
from 2:00pm – 3:00pm in Namgyal Monastery.
You are required to bring along your PASSPORT for verification to obtain your security pass.

Please keep your pass safely. Should you lose your pass, please inform your Group Leader (GL) or the members of Organizing Committee (OC) immediately.

2) Participants’ briefing

All participants are to collect their security passes, prayer text and other teaching materials on 6th Sept 2015, from 2:00pm-3:00pm at the main temple in Namgyal Monastery.
After which, at 3:00pm, please gather at the temple’s parade ground into your groups and be guide into the prayer hall for a pre-teaching briefing which will end at 5:00pm.

It is compulsory for all participants to attend the pre-teaching briefing as important information such as security issues or changes to the teaching schedule and planning will be communicated during the briefing.

If you cannot attend the briefing, please inform us immediately at .

3) Teaching schedule

The teaching is from 7th – 10th September 2015
Each session is 8am – 12pm daily with a short break in-between.

Do note that His Holiness will remain in the gompa during the break (subjected to changes by Office of His Holiness The Dalai Lama).

On 10th September 2015, after the break, there will be Question and Answer session with His Holiness, followed by a photo session.

Do note that the seating arrangement during Question and Answer session might change.

 Photo-taking session will take place in groups, due to security reasons, please strictly follow the instructions provided prior to this session.

4) Seating arrangement in the Dharma Gompa Hall

To provide everyone a chance to be seated in front of the Hall (and hence nearer to His Holiness), your seating arrangement during each session of the teaching will be rotated. Your group leader (GL) will be informed of the area allocated to your group on a daily basis.

You should gather with your group at the temple’s parade ground one hour (7:00am) before the commencement of each session. Your GL will then bring you into the Dharma Hall to the designated area for your group. Please report your attendance to your GL before every session of the teaching.
While you are in the Dharma Hall and waiting for the teaching to commence, please keep your voice down at all times. You may also use this opportunity to chant your mantra or meditate. More details will be shared with you during the participants’ briefing.

5) Security during the teaching

To ensure the safety of our precious teacher, there will be security search at the entrance to Namgyal Monastery.
The search includes both a body search and a search of your belongings.

Therefore, you are strongly encouraged to minimize the things that you bring into the teaching compound.

Please also allow for sufficient time to clear the security check in the morning. In addition, certain items are prohibited at the teaching.

Please refer to the section “Things not allowed during teaching” for more information.

6) Translation

His Holiness will deliver the teaching in Tibetan language. However, simultaneous translation in English and Mandarin are available via radio.

Translation in other languages maybe available if there is a sufficiently large number of participants who require that language. Please let us know if you require translation into other language (before the teaching dates upon registration). However, we also seek your understanding if your request cannot be met due either to a lack of translator or insufficient radio frequencies.

7) Things not allowed during teaching

The following items are not allowed during teaching:

– Mobile phone

– Camera or any devices with camera function

– Sharp objects (e.g. pen-knife, nail cutter, scissors etc)

– Lighter, cigarettes, incense and matchboxes

– Any flammable objects

If you’re found to possess any of the above items, you are required to either dispose of them, put them back in your room or deposit at collection booth outside the temple, before you are allowed entry into the monastery.

8) Merit marking opportunities

It is customary for tea to be served to all participants (including the local Tibetans) at the teaching. As a gesture of goodwill, money is also offered to monks and nuns. This is an offering to the spiritual community. In addition, lunch will be provided to all the sangha members, participants and public.

Both the tea and offerings are paid for by contributions/donations from patrons and the general public. If you would also like to contribute, you can either approach the OC at the donation counter setup at the parade ground.
However, to facilitate the planning and preparation process, we strongly encourage you to contact us at before the teaching if you would like to make any contribution or sponsorship.

9) Things to bring during teaching (recommended only)

You are encouraged to bring the following items for the teaching:

– TBC Security pass (issued in Dharamsala and to be worn at

all times)

– Prayer & Teaching text (issued in Dharamsala) *

– Notebook and pen

– FM radio/ MP3 / MP4

– Wallet

– A cup/ flask for tea

– Water

– A shoe bag to put your shoes and to be brought into the Dharma Hall


Note: the above list is only recommended by the OC and is not exhaustive.


*If you already have a set from last year, we encourage you to reuse them.

10) Attire during teaching

As the teaching takes place in the Dharma Hall, to show respect to the Triple Gem, our precious teacher and his teaching, please dress appropriately during the teaching. You are encouraged not to wear spaghetti-strap shirt (for ladies), sleeveless shirt or shorts/ bermudas above knee length.

As September is towards the end of the monsoon season, there will be showers and weather will be cool. Do bring along a sweater/shawl to keep yourself comfortably warm at all times.

11) Meals during teaching

Vegetarian lunch will be provided during the 3-day teaching. A tentage, which serves as the lunch area, will be set up at the monastery’s parade ground. More information will be provided to you during the participants briefing.

All other meals are on your own. If you have signed up with any travel agency, please check with your respective travel agency for details.

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