Hear from the past participants from the Asia Teachings


Overall good job organisers! It is delightful to see the smiley faces of the volunteers while walking up towards the gompa. The volunteers and organisers have been very helpful and I appreciate it very much.

Rare Opportunity

The review session was very well conducted and helpful especially those who are new to Buddhist teachings. The questions and answer part of the review.help us to understand the teachings better. Rejoice, for able to visit the HHDL palace museum.Hope can have another such rare opportunity.

Understand the Profound Buddhadharma

His Holiness always teaches in a comprehensive way to enable me to understand the profound Buddha dharma.

Wonderful Experience

As always this was a wonderful experience and a blessing to receive teachings from His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The organization is admirable and TBC and co-organisers work so hard to make it a memorable experience.

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